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True Religion & Modern Impostors: a lecture

Recibimos este correo electrónico de nuestro amigo el Padre Brown. Los amigos y lectores de Estados Unidos, no se pierdan ésta conferencia.

True Religion & Modern Impostors: a lecture

Tentatively, on September 19 from 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM the Sodality of Our Lady will sponsor a lecture: "True Religion & Modern Impostors" by member of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Chapel, Dr. Dan Cronin, Ph.D. 

Dr. Cronin will look examine and compare the true religion and it's unique outlook on life, the supernatural...with the many impostors that have developed over the centuries. He'll touch on Buddhism, Marxist thought, and finally Islam. What do they each have in common? How is the true religion unique in her perspective and teaching on life? What role did the Reformation play in corrupting Western thought, the French Revolution?

Following the Lecture, Dr. Cronin will be available for questions and answer. Refreshments will be offered. Dr. Cronin taught on the University level as a Doctor of Philosophy. Recently he was instructor and  faculty member at Lewis University and St. Joseph College Seminary, Chicago.

If anyone has questions, please call (847) 508-9513

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  1. Estimado Sr. Raúl Miguel:

    ¿Qué opina sobre la condena al sedevacantismo, por Pio XII?
    Sedevacantist Bogus Consecrations Condemned by Pius XII

    "no... spiritual good... if the Church’s laws are being violated" -Pius XII

    Pope Pius XII authoritatively quashed the sophistic pleas by "traditionalist" "priests" (i.e. the Novus Ordo sect's sspx - and the sedevacantist sect) - that they must obey the “higher law” of providing Catholics with the Mass and Sacraments via non papal mandated (elementary schismatic) "consecrations", in his encyclical Ad Apostolorum Principis:

    “What then is to be the opinion concerning the excuse…that [these priests] had to act…because of the need to tend to the souls in those dioceses which were then without a bishop? It is obvious that no thought is being taken of the spiritual good of the faithful if the Church’s laws are being *violated.."
    (Encyclical "Ad Apostolorum Principis" [The Prince of the Apostles], Pope Pius XII, June 29th, 1958)

    *To attempt to consecrate a bishop without a papal mandate incurs ipso facto (1.) excommunication. This means that the excommunication takes place by the very fact of the attempted criminal/sacrilegious consecration; there need not be an accusation and trial to determine one’s guilt: The act itself results in the penalty.

    (1.) Under the severest censure (the penalty of excommunication): one may not participate in public worship nor receive the Body of Christ or any of the sacraments. Moreover, if he be a cleric, he is forbidden to administer a sacred rite or to exercise an act of spiritual authority.

    Today's Willfully Deluded Schismatics

    "When ... the truths that the mind proposes disturb the equanimity and complacency of his
    (a liberal's) egosim by imposing duties or exacting service, the liberal is inclined to eliminate such unpleasent considerations by forcing his mind to ignore them and to tolerate delusion in their stead."
    -Cardinal Billot, "Liberalism: A Criticism of Its Basic Principles and Divers Forms”, page 9, 1922

    Relevant Links:
    Status of the True Successor of St. Peter Released!
    To Uncompromising Lovers of the Catholic Holy Mass
    Fatima Foretold Sede Impediti: Persecution of True Popes
    St. Peter HAS Perpetual Successors (True Sense of Dogma)
    Prophecy on Flos Florum (Gregory XVIII) by St. John Capistran
    Poison of Lefebvre and Sede Churches Warned of 35 Years Ago
    The Infiltration, Usurpation, Desolation then Triumph!

    "We declare, say, define and proclaim to every human creature that
    they by necessity for salvation are entirely subject to the Roman Pontiff."
    -Pope Boniface VIII, Unam Sanctam Nov. 18, 1302 ex cathedra (Infallible)

    "Qui mange le Pape, meurt!"


  2. Estimada Diana,
    El Papa Pío XII se refiere al caso de la Iglesia Patriotica China, controlada por el comunismo. Las consagraciones en los interregnos (como el que vivimos actualmente) son lícitas y válidas, existiendo antecedentes históricos.
    Pío XII no condenó el sedevacantismo, en primer lugar porque el mismo era un teoría teológica que se había discutido desde Trento, pero siempre como algo prácticamente imposible de plantearse (jamás imaginaron el Golpe Maestro de Satanás). Hubo teólogos y Papas que especularon sobre la perdida del oficio Papal por caída en herejía, por ejemplo Paulo IV, San Roberto Bellarmino, San Alfonso de Ligorio, Serapius Iragui, Badii y Creusen, entro otros muchos.

    Dejo a usted mis saludos cordiales,


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